Creating A Will and The Mistakes That Come With It

Posted on 05/04/2022

Creating a will is one of your first steps to creating your estate plan. With a will, it is determined how your assets will be distributed, appoint a guardian for any minor children you have, and select an executor who will settle your estate and ensure the points in your will are followed.

Peace of mind for your loved ones can be provided with an effectively created will. A will that is poorly written up can be confusing and not a peaceful process. Members of your family can be confused and hurt and argue over what you intended and ending off with being in court and settling arguments you never wanted.

To keep your will from “going wrong,” avoid these common mistakes.

Your Wording Is Unclear

Vague language in your will could provoke the intervention of a probate court to interpret your intentions, not to mention become the source of family strife. Be very thorough with who is receiving what from your assets.

You Never Got Around to Updating the Will

Life events such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of a beneficiary or a major change in your income are all events that you should consider when reviewing your will and if you need to amend.

When updating your will, be sure to destroy all copies of the old version. And with the changes, discuss with your family members so they do not get surprised and feelings get hurt later on.

No One Can Find the Will

Keep your will in a secure place with letting your family know where it is. Ensure they have access to the original.

It’s a possibility that the will is in a deceased’s locked safe and the bank, where the will is stored, will have a ‘will search’, opening the box to find the will. If the will is found, it is not turned over to the family but the bank will file the document with the probate court in which the late person resided.

Your will is a very important document you will create so, take some time and give it a lot of thought. Get great legal advice to help make sure it says what exactly what you think and that your assets will go to the correct people and causes you care about.

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